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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Post-Fashion Week Return...

So it's less than a week since the end of the pinnacle of pretty much every fashion blogger's calendar: London Fashion Week! and could there be a more appropriate subject to mark my return to blogging? - and this time I mean my actual return to blogging... Exciting times! Really keen to do a minimum of one post per week from now on!Oh my gosh though, there is soo much to catch up on!!

So this is actually the first time I've ever managed to have any involvement in London Fashion Week (haven't even had a chance to wander around in a remotely relevant area during lfw previously!) but I actually got scouted to model for my first ever catwalk show the day before the show itself!- Walking for the Talent Scout's ridiculously talented "one to watch", Cassandra Verity Green SO SURREAL! The most surreal thing was being papped by probably over 100 journalists/ photographers/ magazine reps both backstage and on the runway itself. Whilst slinking down that catwalk, all that was on my mind was how it was even technically possible for the wall of cameras and flashes to be stacked so high!! -well that and doing my best not to faint due to my ridiculously severe sleep deprivation after managing an event the night before... (my debut into the world of event management will be discussed further in later posts...)

These can be found lurking in various places around the internet, including (one of the loveliest things about modelling for lfw is seeing the images pop up all the time, prolonging the fun!)

 My own outfit for LFW is almost entirely made up of vintage/second-hand finds. Vintage 1950s Haori jacket (absolute love of my life!), hand tye dyed with thousands of tiny knots tied into the cloth beforehand to make the pattern. Vintage pleather skirt, charity shop heels and the bag and cowboy neck tie were both extra special vintage market finds.

Below is a selection of gorgeously stylish people that I snapped around Somerset House:

This lovely lady above (my good friend Jenette Co) was the perfect companion to stroll around outside Somerset house with for the day. We met whilst assisting on the model casting for the LFW Busardi show. Would have been a dresser for the same brand if I hadn't betrayed them to model for Cassandra Verity Green at the last minute... Oops ;)

All in all, a pretty fabulous first LFW experience ;) Can't wait to see what the next has in store for me! ;)
Epic catchup sesh will continue shortly!

Ciao for now,

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