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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This is it - The Apocalypse

Stylist: Hangna Sohn Koh
Make-up: Andrea Rascon
Hair stylist: Serafina Rose Woodward
Model: Lucy Feng
 So I can't send you the photos from the shoot itself as it's potentially being published, but here are some behind the scenes previews of hair and makeup. This was actually my first modelling assignment during my time in London (I've just done one other for Peter Prosser Hairdressing a few years back in Herefordshire - Hmm.. Maybe I'll post those some time...) so it marks a very special memory for me! The hair and makeup team were incredible! And not gonna lie, it was surprisingly fun being covered in paint and having my eyebrows gelled upwards...
The shoot was the final major project for a London College of Fashion fashion photography student in her final year and it was based around the separation of two siblings (was very impressed that they found me a half Asian brother, who you'll get to see soon!) I got to wear loads of gorgeous outfits (including various UAL student pieces) put together by a very talented styling team. Here's a link to the stylist's blog: (be sure to check it out!!)

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