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Thursday, 15 May 2014

For Nostalgia's Sake

Now that I'm modelling more and more frequently, I got all nostalgic about my first ever modelling assignment back in 2011 and realised that I never posted anything about it! So these are a few pictures from the show I did for Peter Prosser Hairdressers, after a surprise scouting during a trim by my regular hairdresser.
During the run up to the show, I remember sporting a different hair colour or different degree of curliness to each of my GCSE exams - which admittedly made exam period a hell of a lot more exciting! This was also the first time that I'd ever had my hair coloured - a very special occasion! ;)

Ps. I promise I will reply to every comment and message asap! Truly sorry for neglecting all of you lovely people! Just been a bit crazily busy lately!

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