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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Style scouted by Lish Loves Dreaming

Lish Loves Dreaming

Hey, got style-scouted by the lovely Alishba for the delightful blog, Lish Loves Dreaming in Brick Lane a while back and just realised I never posted a link!
There's a lovely quality of nostalgia about Lish's photo-journal, that even manages to incite the feeling that you have walked through the same places in the pictures and share these memories - the key to any successful blog of this sort :) Loving it Lish!
Y'all should go check out Lish's blog! ;D

In the photo, I'm wearing Topshop heeled boots, topshop frilly edged grey socks, my favourite jacket (thrifted from the East End Thrift store for just £2.50!), my mum's old skirt brought back from her travels in china (when she was not much older than myself!), my mum's old jumper (that I swiped on it's way to being donated to the cat's bed by mum...) Hmm.. everything really does seem to have it's own story I guess.. One of the loveliest things about pre-owned clothes! :)

Hope you're all well! (and appreciating my newly developed skill of regular posting...) ;)



  1. Wow thank you so much!! That made me so happy! :) haha
    It was so nice meeting you that day you looked gorgeous! x

  2. You look great! Love your hat << actually whole outfit haha :P:P xx