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Monday, 27 January 2014

In Green and Blue

Here are the results of another immensely fun collaboration with the extraordinarily talented writer and blogger of Clothes Cameras and Coffee, Rosalind Jana. I already posted the photographs I took of Rosalind in this oriental themed shoot that you can see here: Silks of the Orient
I had a lovely time dressing up in a selection of peacock blue and emerald green treasures from Rosalind's wardrobe and I think she did a superb job of contradicting the saying that "blue and green must never be seen".
It was a lovely challenge to see how we could make use of my garden as an interesting location for the shoot and it definitely made me appreciate the beauty of all of the lovely greenery surrounding my home a lot more! - Appreciation of what we have being a major feature of Rosalind's inspiring article about happiness alongside the rest of the shoot in The Pace of Feet and Breath - make sure you check it out!
The countryside setting for such luxurious clothing also added a lovely twist to the shoot!


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