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Monday, 5 August 2013

Dusted in Gold

Heyo all!
Lately I've been thinking about how truly majestic the colour gold is! It radiates opulence and all that is luxury and seems to sing out to be goggled at and gazed upon, which is probably why it tends to remain tucked away at the back of a wardrobe left to humbly hang and fester dust until an occasion important enough to do it justice.
Yes, it's true that gold is a statement and does seem to shout out, "look at me!" and undeniably frequents the category of over-dressed, but why should there ever be an inappropriate time to dress up and make a statement, and what better way to do that is there than to slip into some gold heels, wind a gold chain around your neck or even deck your body in a shimmering gold dress, for the braver amongst us. It's not on the same level as sporting a fluorescent pink tutu or head to toe lime green fur seen at London fashion week 2013 (Jeremy Scott). It's a different kind of statement. Despite it's flashiness, it maintains a sense of demureness that seems to elevate it to a whole new level. Of course that depends partially on how it is worn, but it has the potential.
To me, it makes a woman look strong and almost otherworldly, goddess-like perhaps and us women should wear it with pride. I actually had a week of wearing pretty much just gold and black (an excellent colour to compliment it) and had a fantastic time doing that! So be prepared to see many more golden posts to follow!
The leggings are Cotton Candy from TK MAX, the shoes are Fanatic from an amazing shoe shop in the arcades of Cardiff (can't remember the name!), the charity shop top is Sweew√ę, necklace a gift from Ebay (don't know any more about it I'm afraid), earrings from Topshop (yes, they're clip-ons and I've never had my ears pierced!) and bracelets and belts unknown from charity shops.
I have also been doing another joint photography shoot with my brother, which features this look, only this time with a very special friend of mine modelling, so look out for the photos of the shoot on my blog in the next few days!
The look is also here on Lookbook!
Signing out!
Lucy Feng


  1. very unique yet stylish <3

    1. Thank you so much Gail! Glad you like it :) I always try to dress a little differently, so I'm glad it's working!! ^_^