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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Self-Portrait a Day Project: Pulled in all Directions

This next photograph in my project possibly means the most to me out of the entire set, as it marked the first photography competition that I have ever entered or won a prize for. I entered the national Young Photographer of the Year competition in a burst of optimism and soon forgot about it in the several month process of judging that followed, causing great astonishment when I received an invitation to the prize-giving ceremony to accept my second place prize from pioneering Sunday Times photographer, John Bulmer. John Bulmer's gritty, real yet strikingly beautiful presentation of ordinary people is particularly inspirational to me, candid photography being a skill that I am longing to improve at! Perhaps better than winning the prize itself was the fact that my photograph would be reproduced hundreds of times for all of the competition's promotional purposes, including posters and fliers across the country, after being selected for the role amongst all of the other winning entries!

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