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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Velvet Nights

I thought I'd try an evening look... so here it is! The maroon velvet jacket was another great Rokit Vintage find for £12 and the dress was originally an ankle-length Asos gown for just £6 from a local boot-sale. As striking as the dress looked with its cascades of blue velvet, I know I'd rarely find an event to wear it to, so I cut it down to the perfect party dress length. The original dress is below (sorry about the poor quality!)

I thought that the neckline was quite plain so I added in the pearl Peter Pan collar necklace, that I picked up at yet another bootsale! ;) I always find that collar-necklaces are the perfect way to temporarily transform a look.

The heels are from New Look, but I got them so long ago that I have no clue how much they were anymore!

Again, the look is also here on my lookbook!


  1. One good thing about the longer length, it showcases your figure perfectly. You've customised it well although

    1. Thanks Selina! That is true actually... and I must admit that I think I cut a bit too much off! But it would be quite difficult to find a good opportunity to wear such a long dress!