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Monday, 24 June 2013


Today, I'm sharing some photographs with you that I took last year in a shoot with my gorgeous friend Rosalind Jana from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee. Rosalind's exceptional way with words fuses together her passion for vintage fashion and photography into one divine blog. Her inspirational articles have also appeared in various magazines, including British Vogue and Lionheart and I'm sure that she has a remarkable future ahead of her.

Model: Rosalind Jana
Photographer: Lucy Feng (myself)

I had the most magical of days in the breathtakingly beautiful rural landscape surrounding Rosalind's home, rummaging through the vintage emporium that makes up her wonderfully extensive wardrobe as we took it in turns to style each other.

I will soon post Rosalind's photography with me as the model, but you can check out her work straight away at Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.
Click here to see Rosalind's post about the same shoot to see a slightly different combination of photographs from the same shoot and a powerful article written by Rosalind sensitively describing her father's victorious struggle with depression:

Cameras, Clothes and Coffee: Swimming and Spinning

I'm sure that you will see many more future collaborations between Rosalind and myself and you can even expect one in the next few weeks, as we are already planning the next, so stay tuned!

Lucy xXx

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