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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Silk Shirts and Frumpy Knits

This silk teal shirt, originally from United Colours of Benetton, came from an RSPCA charity shop for just £2! I teamed it with this wine red skater skirt from H&M to compliment the rich quality of the teal.

There is nothing like a frumpy oversized cardigan to snuggle up in on a walk through the countryside, so here's mine straight out of an Oxfam charity shop for £3. The brand in the label of the cardi is Rough Edge, but I have yet to find any other trace of the brand elsewhere, so please let me know if you know any more about it!

The bag was a vintage gift from my dad and I'm afraid I know little more than that about it, but it has definitely earned its place as top bag in my wardrobe! It's just the perfect size and leather is always so durable! AND it has pockets :D

Also got the shock of a lifetime when I finally dared to venture out of the house without a shred of makeup on and got style-hunted for the first time in this outfit at Rokit Vintage! Although I must admit that I'm not quite as swaggy as the two chaps to the left of me... ;)

Lucy Feng

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