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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Paper Dress

Ahh! I've been so excited about bringing you this slightly more unusual post today! So here it is, a dress  I've made out of recycled paper just to show you how the most basic materials can be made into something hopefully a bit more exciting!

I have made the entire dress out of old paper, including the lace fastenings and corset base. The dress itself is actually much shorter than it appears in the photograph, but I had this idea for the shoot where the paper fans of the dress cascaded down into a sort of ocean surrounding my gorgeous model and amazing friend, Grace. Hopefully, we kind of pulled it off... Let me know what you think!

I was going to include some photographs of the dress on its own without the extra fans, but unfortunately unforeseen circumstances prevented me from doing so... I think that my lovely model may have suffered somewhat from the rather intense heat of my studio lights and may have fainted for a very brief period... (I am SO sorry Grace!) resulting in the dress being somewhat crushed... It's ok though, because we managed to get these lovely photographs before the slight catastrophe and I couldn't be more thrilled with them!!!

WARNING: If you guys are hoping to try out a similar project with paper, you may wish to stay clear of paper fans! They're just so fiddly and take so long to do! I'm still haunted by folded paper at night... ;)

Here I'm modelling the dress in its early stages when it was still just a corset...

Enjoy! :D

Photographer: myself
Model: Grace Baddley (and one of myself)


  1. Paper dress - Amazing! I know how difficult is to make something with the paper! This is Awesome! Really gorgeous design!

    1. Thank you Wioletta! <3 Means a lot coming from someone so skilled in fashion design!! Yeah, paper can have many problems as a medium! Have you made any clothes from paper before? :)