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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Bather

Hey all, just a quick post today as I've got to run off to an event I'm managing! Check it out if you're interested:
It's a fashion event showcasing the work of up and coming new designers and labels followed by an amazing after party with a special surprise guest DJ from Ibiza… and if that hasn't sold it, it's free entry with a free drinks reception at the start! ;) Mason House at 9:30, would be lovely to see you there!
Otherwise, come along to tomorrow's event at Cafe Kaizen:

Anyway, what I was actually going to discuss was this new set of self-portraits that I recently shot. I know it's simple compared to my usual stuff, but I wanted to try something different I guess… Plus, it was a sneaky excuse to have some piccies of my favourite new buy- this gorgeous Topshop swimming costume that actually marks a new era of daily swimming for me ;) Such a perfect form of exercise - super fun plus a highly effective full body workout!
Anyways, enjoy! ;)

Also, just two days ago I picked up this lil day-maker:
That exquisite masterpiece of a photo (which happens to be right next door to the Erdem ad) is one of the shots in my lookbook and campaign for Laura Apsit Livens! Super excited to see it in the Mayfair Times! ;)
Ciao for now,

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Today I'm bringing you a sneak preview of a very exciting collaboration with insanely talented up and coming rap artist, Ato Alexander. This is the first of many collaborative shoots I will be working on with Ato and the rest of the members of his OMWB movement as part of our ongoing photo campaign we're starting. 

At just 20 years old, Ato has already gained an impressive fan base of over 20,000 followers on twitter and has already recorded his debut album with some of David Guetta's team in Paris. His OMWB (On My West Behaviour) movement is a social enterprise formed to promote young talented artists and creatives in the UK.  Both Ato and the movement are all about encouraging individuality and ambition and breaking stereotypes and expected societal conventions, so I'm aiming to channel this through my ongoing campaign you'll see developing here over the next few months. Gonna be an interesting challenge and I can't wait to see where it goes!

My shoot will also introduce you to the insanely sick menswear of up and coming designer, Sereeta Venkanah and to the incredible eyewear of Hi Tek Designs, as seen on Lady Gaga and finally to 15 year old Santos (another immensely talented promising young rap artist and another member of the OMWB movement) who will be in one of the shots alongside Ato.

I spent the days leading up to the shoot morphing the corner of my living room into this little pocket of space age awesomeness, armed with an obscenely large quantity of poundland metallic gift wrap for wallpaper, my brand new smoke machine (which has been a very funky addition to house parties..) and a bunch of fluorescent tubes… The day itself consisted of watching Ato clamber in and out of my window onto my makeshift roof balcony with a can of silver spray paint and some old trainers, Ato pretending to be some sort of space age Aztek warrior with a fluorescent tube as a makeshift staff and 6 hours of shooting, fuelled by a combination of OMWB-pumped adrenalin, a highly enjoyable baked beans and cheese on toast break (a photoshoot essential of course!) and a teensy bit of malibu… ;)

Looking forward to watching both Ato's rapping career and the OMWB movement develop and thrive. Immensely proud to be a part of this! Watch this space for the rest of the shoot!

Also, the Laura Apsit Livens SS15 Campaign and Lookbook I shot has been officially released on her site, so check it out! ;)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Laura Apsit Livens SS14

Laura Apsit Livens SS14
Photography by Lucy Feng
Models: Leona Rose Fletcher and Sofia Grillo
Hair: Kieran Tudor
MUA - Simone Veronique Kidd 
Stylist - Elisa Silvestri 

Super excited to bring you a selection from my campaign and look book for Laura Apsit Livens' SS14 collection which will soon be up on Laura's website at .
These images are the result of an intense but highly rewarding day of shooting 27 hats in the swankiest apartment I'll probably ever set foot in. Oh my god, I need those floor length windows, daytime/nighttime dimmer switch lights and built in radio and ipod speaker control panels in every room in my life... Must say, a fitting level of luxury for the most sumptuous hats I have laid eyes on.

Laura has now opened her Mayfair Atelier, producing her own collections as well as collaborating with other design houses, most recent being Louis Vuitton for a new campaign, Hasan Hejazi and Boodles the Jewellers. She has built up a star-studded client list including Paloma Faith, Rita Ora, Jessie J and the Duchess of Westminster, she has been featured in Magazines such as LOVE Magazine, Hello, Tirade, Daily Mail and Cheshire Life.

Head down to Laura's Mayfair Atelier to meet the designer herself and see her beautiful collection at:
59 Duke Street,

I must say a special thanks to our fabulous behind the scenes team, (Kieran Tudor, Simone Veronique Kidd and Elisa Silvestri) and our gorgeous models, Sofia and Leona. Girls, you are two very classy ladies!

All for now my lovelies!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Styling and Modelling with Thang Lee

Photographer: Thang Le
Model: Lucy Feng
Styling: Lucy Feng

Here are some of the results of a very fun collaboration a while back with talented photographer Thang Le. It was lovely being able to combine my modelling with my love of styling, as I played the role of both stylist and model in the shoot and got to spend the days leading up to the shoot gathering an array of garments with the sort of distressed elegance that the work of our inspiration, Paolo Roversi, conveys. The clothes were all my own or borrowed from friends and have mostly spent some of their existences in vintage and thrift stores of course!
Thought I'd alternate between old stuff and new stuff to mix it up a little ;)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Post-Fashion Week Return...

So it's less than a week since the end of the pinnacle of pretty much every fashion blogger's calendar: London Fashion Week! and could there be a more appropriate subject to mark my return to blogging? - and this time I mean my actual return to blogging... Exciting times! Really keen to do a minimum of one post per week from now on!Oh my gosh though, there is soo much to catch up on!!

So this is actually the first time I've ever managed to have any involvement in London Fashion Week (haven't even had a chance to wander around in a remotely relevant area during lfw previously!) but I actually got scouted to model for my first ever catwalk show the day before the show itself!- Walking for the Talent Scout's ridiculously talented "one to watch", Cassandra Verity Green SO SURREAL! The most surreal thing was being papped by probably over 100 journalists/ photographers/ magazine reps both backstage and on the runway itself. Whilst slinking down that catwalk, all that was on my mind was how it was even technically possible for the wall of cameras and flashes to be stacked so high!! -well that and doing my best not to faint due to my ridiculously severe sleep deprivation after managing an event the night before... (my debut into the world of event management will be discussed further in later posts...)

These can be found lurking in various places around the internet, including (one of the loveliest things about modelling for lfw is seeing the images pop up all the time, prolonging the fun!)

 My own outfit for LFW is almost entirely made up of vintage/second-hand finds. Vintage 1950s Haori jacket (absolute love of my life!), hand tye dyed with thousands of tiny knots tied into the cloth beforehand to make the pattern. Vintage pleather skirt, charity shop heels and the bag and cowboy neck tie were both extra special vintage market finds.

Below is a selection of gorgeously stylish people that I snapped around Somerset House:

This lovely lady above (my good friend Jenette Co) was the perfect companion to stroll around outside Somerset house with for the day. We met whilst assisting on the model casting for the LFW Busardi show. Would have been a dresser for the same brand if I hadn't betrayed them to model for Cassandra Verity Green at the last minute... Oops ;)

All in all, a pretty fabulous first LFW experience ;) Can't wait to see what the next has in store for me! ;)
Epic catchup sesh will continue shortly!

Ciao for now,

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pigeons and Peacocks Studio shoot

Here are my behind-the scenes photos that I took during the studio section of the Pigeons and Peacocks editorial I mentioned here:

I love how the shoot was split into three sections, including a series directly from the photographer's trip to Vietnam, a location series around Kyoto Gardens and a studio series. Great idea Eliska! It'll look ace in the mag!

T'was an interesting experience feeling my way around the studio for about an hour with a guide on either side after becoming somewhat visually impaired by the longest eyelashes you'll ever come across ;)

Mist of the outfits you can see in the behind the scenes shots in both posts are by a very talented selection of Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion students and graduates, but I shall provide a complete list when I'm allowed to publish the final images in a few months time!

Signing out! Peace... ;)

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Apocolypse Finals

Photographer: Marion Bracque
Models: Lucy Feng and Jonathan Supajirawatananon (Oxygen Models)
Stylist: Hangna Sohn Koh
Makeup artist: Andrea Rascon
Hair stylist: Sarafina Rose Woodward

Finally allowed to publish these photos from my first London modelling assignment that I mentioned here:

The dashing male model you can see in one of the pictures was my stand-in brother for the day. Must say, I was very impressed that they found me a fellow Eurasian for the shoot. Still remember having a rather Western looking brother in a particular student short film... ;)

I love the dream-like effect of the blurring, overlapping images that Marion has managed to capture using very unusual techniques and I adore the looks that the stylists and hair and make-up team managed to put together! What a talented bunch! ;)